The Big Eastern Barista competition is right around the corner and we have been practicing hard to prepare for this fun annual event.  Both Tim Jones and Andrew Cash will represent Jubala Coffee this year which will take place in Durham Jan 17-19.  They have selected their coffees and will be using these next 30 days to build a 15 minute performance.  Last year Lem Butler of Counter Culture Coffee took home first place and went on to represent the Southeast in the national barista competition.  In 15 minutes the barista must give a professional presentation centered around 3 drinks: an espresso, cappuccino, and a signature drink.  They serve each round of drinks to 4 judges for a total of 12 drinks.  They are scored on the quality of the drinks and professionalism of the performance. 

you can learn more about this event and watch videos of past performances here

We will keep you posted with their progress ... so make sure to pat them on the back and give them a high five of encouragement!

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