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Congratulations to Tim Jones @TimmJones for finishing 4th at the Big Eastern Barista competition and qualifying for a spot in the United States Barista Competition in April.  Tim is the operations manager for Jubala Coffee with aspirations to create more professional opportunities for young people in a growing specialty coffee industry.

Link to United States Barista Competition 

Today is February 10th which means we have a good two months to pick a coffee and nail down a routine for the barista competition that is filled with top baristas from around the country.   Tim's goal is to pick a coffee by end of next week and develop his story, which will not be too different than what he did last month in Durham.   

He will have to make three drinks for four different judges, a total of twelve drinks.  Those drinks include a single espresso, a single shot cappuccino, and an espresso forward signature drink.  He has fifteen minutes to get the drinks out while giving a professional presentation and keeping a clean work station.  

The keys to success:  Know your coffee, practice, have fun, be passionate.  

Follow us here or on twitter at @JubalaCoffee and @TimmJones for more info on our preparation for the United States Barista Competition (USBC).