quality driven

The customer experience inspires us.  To the customer that wants to sip their espresso at the bar or the customer that needs a space for a group business meeting,  We value your experience.  To the customer looking for a weekend breakfast spot for the family or the customer wanting a drip coffee to take on the way to work,  We value your experience.  We are driven by the quality of your experience, not just the product.


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Thiriku Coffee Farm Nyeri, Kenya 2009

Dedicated Farmers

Direct Trade Relationships Worldwide

We work hard to learn and develop relationships with the coffee communities in which we source our coffee.  Jubala was started with these relationships and is the foundation that launched a business.  Read more about these relationships in the About Us section.

Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC

Dedicated Roasters

Counter Culture Coffee Durham, NC

Counter Culture's mission is to source, roast, and deliver the most exquisite, freshest coffee in the world.  All of our coffee is roasted by Counter Culture twice a week to order and we have made the commitment to sell anything older than 14 days off roast.

Pour Over coffee, Jubala Village Coffee 

Dedicated Baristas

Jubala Village Coffee Raleigh, NC

The customer experience begins with the people that you interact with.  We hold high standards to not just training great baristas but creating a team who care about delivering a great experience.  Our team is constantly learning and pushing themselves to be better.