BREW BAR hillsborough St 05/14/18

  • [Iced Coffee] Micheta Natural Sundried - Caravani, Bolivia
  • Nelson Melo - Popayan, Colombia
  • Dambi Udo Natural Sundried - Guji, Ethiopia
  • Idido - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • [Decaf] Urcunina - Narino, Colombia
  • [Drip] Alto Ihuamaca - San Ignacio, Peru

ESPRESSO Hillsborough St 05/14/18

  • Cariamanga - Loja, Ecuador
  • Hologram - 32% Cueva De Los Llanos, Colombia / 33% Inconexus: Santa Fe, Colombia and 35% Banko Dhadato Sundried, Ethiopia
  • [Decaf] Urcunina - Narino, Colombia

UPcoming Hillsborough St espresso

  • 5/18/18 - Rafisa - West Arsi, Ethiopia
  • 5/25/18 - Nelson Melo - Popayan, Colombia

BREW BAR North Raleigh 05/14/18

  • [Iced Coffee] Micheta Natural Sundried - Caravani, Bolivia
  • Cueva De Los Llanos - Narino, Colombia
  • Micheta Natural Sundried - Caranavi, Bolivia
  • Dambi Udo - Guji, Ethiopia
  • Idido - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • [Decaf] Urcunina - Narino, Colombia
  • [Drip] Alto Ihuamaca - San Ignacio, Peru

ESPRESSO North Raleigh 05/14/18

  • Hologram - 60% Kuichi, Colombia, 30% Idido Natural, 10% Duromina, Ethiopia
  • [Decaf] Urcunina - Narino, Colombia

UPcoming North Raleigh espresso

  • 05/18/18 - Rafisa - West Arsi, Ethiopia
  • 05/25/18 - Nelson Melo - Popayan, Colombia

WE ARE COMMITTED to providing great tasting coffee. We work directly with our roaster, Counter Culture Coffee, to provide handcrafted coffee, freshly prepared one cup at a time.  We are dedicated to a transparent and sustainable coffee culture while committing to cutting edge coffee education.  Counter Culture's coffee driven leadership in the industry is simply remarkable and their approachable culture makes business enjoyable.

SOURCING the best coffee from around the world is important to a great tasting cup, but how it is brewed can make all the difference.  Many variables such as roast date, grind size, water temperature, and brew method are important when dialing in the perfect cup.  Our approach is to make your overall experience an enjoyable one and that begins with sourcing high quality coffee and brewing it so that its natural tasting components are brought out.  We do this in a variety of ways.

 WEIGH, GRIND, AND BREW TO ORDER.  We focus on quality and the best way to control quality is to manually prepare all items to order.  After placing your order, your coffee is weighed, ground, and prepared by the cup.  During rush hours we may take your order while you approach the point of sale, therefore keeping your wait time to a minimum.  Take your cup to go, or sit at our bar and engage with our baristas.


POUR OVER DRIP BAR  This is an easy-to-master and highly effective brewing method that any quality-minded minimalist would love.  We love it so much that this is our primary method of brewing all single cups of coffee.  This method helps us keep your coffee fresh, allows us to control brewing parameters, and minimizes waste.

 FRENCH PRESS  Elegant, versatile, and simple, French Press offers on demand, low-waste brewing and it's a time honored favorite for brewing at home.  If you are unsure of how to work a French Press, find Andrew, the owner.  This is his favorite brewing method and recommends it for those wanting more than a single cup or to share a cup with others.

 ESPRESSO If you're looking for something with a little more body and sweetness our La Marzocco Strada MP espresso machine can surely meet your needs.  Our professionally trained baristas make the appropriate adjustments in order to pull one ounce shots of espresso.  Using a mixture of espresso, steamed milk and organic flavors, we can produce highly flavorful lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, or simple espressos.