Raleigh, NC

  We are committed to engage with our local community.  We specifically designed Jubala to be a place where the community can relax, connect, and engage.

Having grown up in Raleigh, Andrew, the owner of Jubala Village Coffee, has become emotionally vested in continuing to make his city great.  He has seen the city grow and remembers specific landmarks along the way of his bus route to and from North Raleigh into Downtown where he attended school (Hunter Elementary, whats up!).  He loved the open space, wide roads, and green grass of North Raleigh but was also intrigued by the people and the culture of the streets of Downtown.

Selecting a location  for the first Jubala was an easy one.  When Lafayette Village, a planned development in North Raleigh, put up a sign on the corner of Falls of Neuse and Honeycutt Roads, Andrew knew he had to make a move.  Growing up across the street, this was the place that he believed he would be able to serve his community best.  He believed in the design and passion behind the project and did not want another corporate chain moving into an underserved North Raleigh market.

 Serving and building local community has always been important to Andrew.  The businesses that caught his attention on his bus rides to school were those that were locally owned and operated, mom and pops, community landmarks.  We are happy to be here but even more excited about building more relationships in our communities and serving where we can.  Reach out to us if you need help with an event, we would love to help!